About Food Vision

Leaders in R&D, marketing and business strategy who are passionate about innovation and growth come together at Food Vision in Cannes to debate the sources of sustainable growth and profitability in today's global nutrition, food and drink markets. Through expert observations and thought provoking panel discussions, Food Vision provides an annual forum for industry leaders to analyse the the big issues confronting the sector today. 

In 2015 a stimulating new programme will focus on both mainstream food and drink development and for the first time on specialist nutrition. To find out more about the new structure and some of the key topics follow this link to view the At a Glance Agenda.

What is Food Vision?

Food Vision is an all inclusive, three day event with a unique format designed to facilitate industry insight; gauge commercial opportunities, and foster business relationships for leaders in the international food, drink and nutrition industries.

The Food Vision community is open to leaders of Research & Development, Marketing and Business Strategy within food and drink businesses. Combining practitioner insights and panel discussions with interactive discussions and networking functions, Food Vision offers a unique platform to exchange ideas and challenge your perspectives.

Why should I attend?

Our comprehensive programme of presentations, discussions and debates is designed to challenge your thinking and engage your mind. Our presenters and speakers are drawn from top performing businesses and organisations across the world; innovators, market-makers and strategists par excellence.

They’ll investigate the big issues that our industry is wrestling with today and how they can be turned into opportunities for profitable growth:

  • New approaches to innovation that will transform categories and unlock revenue potential
  • Alternative protein sources and the challenges of food chain sustainability
  • Consumer trust – how it's created, protected and translated into sales
  • Influencing buying decisions – multi-sensory product design and holistic approaches to marketing

Who should attend?

If you're a leader involved in developing food and drink products or nutritional food products and supplements, Food Vision will inspire you and provide a unique platform to grow your business through knowledge transfer and networking.

Food Vision is the perfect event for anyone passionate about championing innovation to generate growth, and involved in:

  • food science
  • research and development
  • brand management
  • marketing
  • business strategy


Delegate companies at Food Vision events include Nestlé, PepsiCo, Mars, Barilla, Coca-Cola, McCain Foods, Kraft Foods, Unilever and Danone amongst many others. Find out more about Food Vision participants here.

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