Andrew Steele

Olympic athlete and Head of Product Development, DNAFit

Andrew is a recently retired Olympic athlete, running the 400m and 4x400m relay for Great Britain. Competing internationally for 12 years, he became one of the most experienced athletes in Team GB, performing at European, Commonwealth, world and Olympic level. At DNAFit he’s helping everyday folk to unlock their ‘personal best’ in athletic performance, health and wellbeing. Envisaging a future in which our DNA will be logged and used at every life stage to guide the health, dietary and nutritional advice we receive, he challenges the food industry to engage with a new age of consumers who know – based on hard genetic evidence – exactly what’s good for them.

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How to fail at sport, life and the food business: Why genetics matter and how it could change your company

Andrew learned to fail at sport the hard way when illness and injury destroyed his chances at the 2012 Olympics. He rebuilt his performance with a nutrition and training programme dictated by his genetic make-up. Today, as a leader of DNAFit, he’s helping around 30,000 regular people (and some professional athletes too) to eat, exercise and live well with personalised advice based on a simple DNA test. He’ll explain what the personal health revolution offers consumers and why the food industry needs to sit up and take notice.

  • Why one size doesn’t fit all and consumers are tired of being told that it does
  • The genes that make a difference – from lactose intolerance to caffeine sensitivity – how DNA determines health outcomes
  • Irrefutable proof – real-life transformations in general health and athletic performance
  • A body of evidence – how the food industry can use genetic population information to target product development, marketing and dietary advice
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