Bastien Rabastens

Bastien Rabastens

Presid-ant and co-founder, Jimini’s

Bastien was about to qualify as a lawyer when he got interested in insects and became an entrepreneur.  Today he leads the company’s European expansion and champions product innovation.  He is the current Vice President of the novel food task force of the International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed (IPIFF) and has given two TEDx Talks on the benefits of eating insects.

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It’s just another food, right?  Why the West will start eating insects

In 2012 Bastien Rabastens ate insects for the first time.  Within a year he and his business partner founded Jimini’s, one of the first insect-based businesses in France.  The company brought its first products to market in 2013 and has experienced 300% growth year-on-year ever since. Today its range of snacks, energy bars and recipe packs is sold across France, the UK, Benelux and Switzerland, marking significant progress towards Jimini’s pan-European ambitions.  Drawing on the Jimini’s experience, Bastien will consider insect appeal, consumer curiosity and the food industry’s insect-based opportunities for innovation.

  • Getting people to eat insects: Create curiosity, deliver education, reward with great taste, the secrets of Jimini’s marketing success
  • The insect history of the world: Where taboos come from and why the West needs to reconnect to its insect eating past
  • Consumer motivation: From an appetite for high-protein nutrition to concern for sustainable agriculture, why consumers will try insects and how to appeal to them
  • Our insect future: Insights from Jimini’s own R&D lab, what’s next for insect-derived foods?


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