Erin Boyd Kappelhof

Managing Partner, Eat Well Global

In a wide-ranging career Erin has worked with international food manufacturers, super market retailers, NGOs, communications agencies and research institutions. Today she is firmly placed at the dynamic intersection between the food industry, communications and public health; the perfect place to garner and exchange the international insights that help drive her clients’ influencer strategies. A registered dietitian and nutritionist she has masters degrees in nutrition communication and public health from Tufts University. She is an active member of the European Nutrition Leadership Platform and the American Overseas Dietetic Association, the international affiliate of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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Spheres of influence: Reaching consumers through the voices they trust

At a time when consumer trust in ‘the establishment’ has been eroded, it can be hard to discern who your consumers are most likely to turn to for health advice, or to be certain whose opinions, will have the greatest impact on their food choices.  It is certainly the case that spheres of influence are expanding, as social networks give both credentialed and non-credentialed individuals louder voices and bigger audiences.  Erin draws on best (and worst) practice case studies to illustrate how the rules of the game are changing, how they differ from market to market and why today’s influencers are just as keen to speak to you as about you.

  • Look who’s talking. When a celebrity or blogger has a bigger audience than the most qualified nutritionist, how do you prioritise your influencer choices?
  • Word on the street. As new research reveals critical differences in the way different nationalities think and talk about health, how can global brands adapt to local difference?
  • No guns for hire. Why your influencers’ independence is your brand’s greatest asset, and how to ‘win’ favour rather than ‘buy’ it.
  • Influence through engagement. Why today’s influencers want to impact your business as well as your consumers’ lives – and how to hear your customers’ voices through them.
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