Gil Horsky

Global Innovation Platform Leader, Mondelēz International

Gil leads innovation for the world’s biggest snack food manufacturer and is driven by a passion to innovate and grow new brands. After completing an MBA with Kellogg, he managed a $500 million snack bar portfolio for PepsiCo and led a global chocolate innovation strategy for Kraft Foods. Today he is managing global chocolate innovation for Mondelēz International. Throughout a 12-year career he has supported iconic global brands including Quaker Oats, Pepsi, Toblerone, Cadbury and Milka.

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Small snack, big ask. What consumers want from the snacks sector

A moment of indulgence, an energy boost, a shared experience or a re-fuel on the move – consumers have increasingly high – and varied – expectations of the snacks that have become such a big part of their lives.  They’re making a big ask of a small meal but, unless food manufacturers respond with innovation, they’ll see their market share disappear in bite-size chunks.  Gil’s innovation agenda on some of the world’s most iconic chocolate brands,  is driven by the consumer trends he’ll share with us today, along with examples of responsive innovation from developed  and emerging markets.

  • Mission Nutrition: From the addition of functional ingredients to catering for health conditions and intolerances, snack companies must meet consumers’ wellness agenda
  • Pure Pleasure: From chocolate inhalers to lollipop cakes, why clever producers are turning ‘snacks’ into ‘experiences’ that enliven and enrich
  • Social Snacks: Why consumers don’t want to snack alone and how sharing and personalization can turn snacking into a social activity
  • Instant Everywhere: Buy-on-the-go lifestyles demand new retail and vending formats that make snack buying instant, affordable and fun
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