James Read

Founder and Managing Director, Giant Peach

James is a passionate entrepreneur with a wealth of creative and technical knowledge in digital marketing. He founded the ethical digital agency Giant Peach in 2005, where he and a team of experts work actively with food and drink industry clients, helping them to leverage the advantages of digital communication to engage consumer communities.

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Can virtual reality deliver real world advantage for food brands?  The inside track on today’s hottest new marketing trend

Virtual reality and 360˚ video are the shiniest new tools in the marketing toolkit.  For food businesses they offer opportunities to engage, educate and entertain consumers and to elevate ‘information’ to ‘experience’.  James’ presentation will use early adopter case studies from big food and drink brands – from McDonalds to Boursin, Patron Tequila and more – to open our eyes to the real world potential of virtual reality.  He’ll look at how the technology works, how consumers respond and how food businesses and retailers can integrate it into their onsite and online communications.

  • A big deal? How does it work, what does it do and why all the fuss?
  • A real opportunity? From demonstrating transparency to creating brand experiences – how food brands are using VR and 360˚ right now
  • Worth the investment? The potential gain, likely cost, predicted ROI and the risk of being left behind
  • A long term winner? Are consumers onboard, what will they gain and what’s in it for them?
  • Where and how? Online and onsite, on the road and instore – practical impacts for food businesses and retailers



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