Jonathan Relph

Founder and CEO, VITL

Jonathan is the Founder and CEO of VITL, a London-based startup launched in early 2015 that aims to revolutionise healthy living and the supplement space.  After spending almost a decade in top investment funds including Fidelity and Citadel as an award winning analyst, Jonathan realised he was spending everyday analysing everything except perhaps that which was most important, his own health and nutrition.  Frustrated by the prospect of navigating aisles of confusing brown glass bottles at his local health food store, VITL was created as an alternative option. Delivering solutions for a generation increasingly accustomed to Apple design and Uber convenience and focussing on creating products that fit effortlessly with increasingly busy lifestyles.

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Panel debate: App appeal.  Consumers, technology and food

Food and nutrition related technology companies and apps are proliferating fast and proving to be a valuable source of information, inspiration and incentive for health conscious consumers.  Food businesses, however, are cautious about how far to invest since, while early adopter consumers are jumping on board, it’s yet to be seen whether the merger of food and technology will ignite the mass market.  Our panel of technologists will review the recent technology explosion to identify what’s capturing and holding consumer interest most powerfully. Then they’ll go on to discuss what the food industry’s reaction should be – how food businesses should engage with this revolution and how it will impact the products they sell.



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