Karen Fewell

Karen Fewell

Founder, Digital Blonde and the Food Marketing School

Karen runs the food marketing agency Digital Blonde and a training company focused on food marketing strategy. With almost 20 years’ experience in food and hospitality, she is passionate about consumers’ emotional connections to food and eating. It is her wish for people to embrace food in ways that are not detrimental to themselves or the planet. This personal belief is echoed in Digital Blonde, which has a mission to understand the impact of marketing on people’s emotional relationships with food. Karen is currently writing a new book ‘#foodporn’.

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Food for the heart.  How marketing forms and changes our emotional relationships with food

Some of the best moments in life happen around a table, when we’re eating and drinking with people we love. How we consume food and enjoy the social aspects of eating are learned behaviours and most of the 200 or more decisions we make about food every day are subconscious.  If we want to change the way people eat, we can’t just give them information, we need to change the way they think and feel about food.  Karen’s presentation will investigate advances in neuroscience and psychology that put marketers in a powerful position to influence human relationships with food.

  • Insight from neuroscience and psychology that helps brands influence human relationships with food
  • Food love, lust and trust – a modern perspective on ‘brand love’ for today’s food educated consumers living in a digital world
  • How marketing has changed more in the last five years than the previous 50 and why now is the time to review food marketing approaches
  • The future of marketing and the positive role it can play in forming emotional relationships with food.



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