Katharine Jenner

Campaign Director, Consensus Action on Salt, Sugar & Health (CASSH)

Katharine is a registered nutritionist responsible for national and international salt and sugar reduction campaigns at CASSH, working with consumers and the industry to make better information about food more freely available, and has been closely involved with the development of FoodSwitch.  She is a visiting lecturer on nutrition at several UK universities and delivers healthy eating sessions for people living with HIV. She is also Chair of the Campaign for Better Hospital Food and of CASSH’s sister charity, Blood Pressure UK.  Katherine has a BSc in biological sciences from the University of Exeter and an MSc in Public Health Nutrition from the University of Southampton.

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Out of your hands: The app revolution that’s letting consumers know exactly what’s in your products

While the global debate about food labelling – what it covers, how it works and whether it should be mandatory – rumbles on, a new generation of apps threatens to make the discussion irrelevant by giving consumers accurate, unbiased information about what’s in just about every food product on their supermarket shelves. The first of these, FoodSwitch, was developed by The George Institute and CASSH in collaboration with a wide range of health organisations. It’s being used by UK shoppers – and increasingly by retailers too – to assess the nutritional value of over 100,000 products on sale now in UK stores. FoodSwitch is being rolled out around the world. Katharine explains what the app revolution means for food manufacturers and the options open to them, now that control over nutritional information is firmly out of their hands.

  • The apps are coming: The worldwide explosion of nutritional information apps and the complex algorithms that make them effective
  • Not just consumers: How FoodSwitch is being used by retailers, health advisors and even your competitors to get the low down on your products
  • No place to hide: Why apps make avoiding or lobbying against food-labelling requirements pointless – and what you should do instead
  • Dead customers don’t shop: Your vested interest in health-focused product reformulation and how the apps can help
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