Linda Eatherton

Managing Director and Partner, Ketchum Global Food & Beverage Practice

Linda is a leading authority on the food and beverage sector where she has spent her whole career.  She held leadership roles at Kraft Foods and Dairy Management Inc. before joining Ketchum in 2000.  She has counselled business across the food supply and value chains and, at Ketchum, has led award winning work for top firms including Nestle, ConAgra Foods, General Mills, Wendy’s, FritoLay, the Kellogg Company, Senomyx, Evolva, Ingredion and the US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance.  She is recognised for her cultivation and curation of food insights through her research series ‘Food 2020:  Consumer as CEO’ and the breakthrough identification of Food eVangelists, a powerful cohort that’s reshaping consumer mindsets about food and agriculture worldwide.

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It’s the new normal.  Why marketplace revolution demands marketing evolution

They’re not a passing trend.  They’re the new normal. Today’s ‘new’ consumers are unlike any you’ve met before.  And they’re leading a worldwide food movement that’s transforming the marketplace.  Understanding them and their motivations is critical to marketing success.  The challenge is; no two are the same. Some are propelled by purpose, values and deep seated beliefs to seek out brands that match their aspirations.  Others are simply pulled in by brands that offer something different and new.  Some embrace innovation.  Others fear it.  Marketers must appeal to all to achieve scale.  Linda’s talk will establish the context of the new consumer and share proprietary research, insights and best practices for transformative marketing strategies.

  • Shift happened.  The seismic change that’s taken place in social norms and the food marketplace
  • The rise of the Food eVangelist.  Global proprietary research reveals the global phenomenon of the new consumer and what makes them tick
  • The new marketing playbook.  What used to work but won’t work now and the essential marketing tactics you need for today




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