Lotta Törner

Social Innovation Expert and CEO, Skane Food Innovation Network

Lotta has spent her career championing innovation in the food sector.  Since 2009 she has led the Skane Innovation Network – an agenda-setting organisation for the food industry across Europe.  Uniting academia, business and the public sector in ‘triple helix’ innovation, its goal is to develop the food of the future, along with the technologies and processes needed to produce it. As well as helping to set a new, sustainable agenda for the food industry across Europe, Lotta provides expert coaching for start-up food businesses.

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What will be on our plates tomorrow? Why bugs, transparency and social innovation must be firmly on the food industry’s menu

If we want to feed the world tomorrow we have to find sustainable ways to produce more food in less space.  8 August 2016 was Earth Overshooting Day – the day humans started to consume more natural resources per year than the earth can renew.  Mankind is now quite literally borrowing from its children’s future to sustain today’s lifestyles.  To turn back the clock we have to change the way we produce food and transform a fragmented global food industry into a smart, sustainable and integrated system.  Lotta will describe what has to be on our industry’s plate for tomorrow…

  • The main ingredient – social innovation that puts people and communities at the centre of the industry
  • The essential side – generating trust through social behaviour, individual and corporate integrity
  • A clear menu – absolute transparency and eradicating information ‘black holes’
  • New ingredients – bugs, rescued fruits and crowdfunded cows
  • Healthy cooking – food and life science in a new relationship
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