Louise McWhirter

Head of Insight, Him!

Louise works at the forefront of shopper research, leading Him!’s international team of insight executives that turn shopping data into shopping insights for many of the world’s biggest food producers and retailers. Him! has been speaking to shoppers for more than 50 years and, today, its research spans Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia.

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2020 retail: Your clear line of sight to the future of shopping

Over 10,000 shoppers from four continents contribute to Him!’s exhaustive research programmes, giving the world’s food retailers and producers a clear line of sight to the future of retail and food shopping behaviours. Louise will reveal how consumers – influenced by volatile politics, fragile economies, innovative technologies and a fixation with health – are likely to behave in 2020. She’ll give us the low down on what they’ll be looking for from products, the retail environment and the shopping experience itself?

  • Value over values. As economic and political uncertainties dominate, shoppers will seek reassurance and put themselves first. What does this mean for ethical shopping?
  • My health, your problem. Shoppers seeking healthier diets will expect you to deliver them. Time to ease off the pedal on sugar, salt and fat, and step up the gas on honest information.
  • Feel it first: A younger generation values ‘experience’ over ‘ownership’. How will this impact their approach to shopping and how can you attach to their appetite for adventure?
  • Powered by technology: The 2020 retail environment is being shaped by technology and automation. At a time when anything seems possible, what will shoppers actually want?
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