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VideoClipSymbol_46x46 When Giant Peach met Food Vision

Take a look at the Giant Peach highlights from this years Food Vision. “We could see the value in this type of event. Food Vision is great” James Read, Giant Peach More >

VideoClipSymbol_46x46 Trust and ethics key to reaching consumer hearts and minds

Trusted sources of food and nutritional advice are being overlooked in preference to instant, real-time interactions with celebrities and bloggers, according to a communications expert. More >

read storySmartphone app FoodSwitch shows UK industry is lagging on salt targets

A smartphone app that allows consumers to scan products and suggests healthier alternatives they should buy instead has shown industry is falling behind on national salt reduction targets, according to pressure group Consensus Action on Salt (CASH). More >

read storyHot chocolate serving ‘has more salt than packet of crisps’

A mug of hot chocolate can have more salt than a packet of ready salted crisps, a campaign group says. Katherine Jenner, speaker at Food Vision 2017 and Campaign Director, CASSH, advises how Consensus Action on Salt and Health found salt targets were exceeded in all but one category of packaged food. More >

VideoClipSymbol_46x46DNA testing just ‘one part of the jigsaw’

Advances in DNA testing mean deeper insights can be made into how people use food for fuel, or how fast a nutrient is metabolised. More >

VideoClipSymbol_46x46Seamore is campaigning for seaweed to be on everyone’s everyday menu

We caught up with ‘seaweirdo’ and founder of Seamore, Willem Sodderland, at Food Vision 2017 to speak about sustainable packaging, seaweed stigma and high prices for healthy foods. More >

read storyPairing innovation and transparency flavours to satisfy industry tastes

Innovation and transparency can go ‘hand in hand’ as part of an industry strategy to streamline the food value chain and rebalance the relationship between production and nature. More >

read storyBugs, biomeat and our internal biosphere – this year’s Food Vision offered a fascinating glimpse of our culinary destiny.

How often have you speculated on what might grace your dinner table in 2020 and beyond? At Food Vision 2017, which took place in London last week, this question was debated and solutions suggested by a fascinating array of people at the cutting edge of food innovation. More >

VideoClipSymbol_46x46Subscription snacking: How Love with Food is gathering consumer opinions through its products

Love with Food is a subscription service that allows food companies to gain consumer feedback on their products. More >

read storyNutrition advice questioned by gut microbe scientist

Conventional advice on maintaining health and avoiding obesity have been called into question by a leading expert on bacterial gut health – also known as the microbiome – who claimed that ensuring healthy bacteria in the lower intestines and colon has far more effect. More >

VideoClipSymbol_46x46From marketing to taste: How virtual reality will change the food industry

Virtual reality has arrived and is set to change the way the food industry engages with consumers and even the way consumers taste food by creating multisensory experiences, according to one digital marketing expert. More >

VideoClipSymbol_46x46FOOD VISION 2017: All the highlights from social media

All the social media highlights from Food Vision 2017 in London. More >

VideoClipSymbol_46x46FOOD VISION 2017: Food evangelists, 3D printed selfies and the importance of ingredient diversity

Industry movers and shakers gathered in London last week for Food Vision discussion some of the hottest trends and issues affecting the industry today. here are some of the highlights if you couldn’t be there. More >

PERISCOPE 2Food Vision 2017 Panel debate: The same (but better). Nutritional advantage and the art of re-invention

Consumers have strong relationships with foods they love. But the best beloved are not always the most nutritious or healthy. With the pressure on to improve global health, food businesses are keen to re-invent firm favourites; to up their nutritional value.Change though can be risky. Get it wrong and revenue streams will dry up as customers switch off. See the debate on periscope>



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