Programme Themes

The health conscious consumer
The state of nutrition and health in the developed world may look bleak, with diet related health problems such as diabetes, cancer and obesity on the rise and hitting the headlines.   But, at the same time a new generation of health-conscious consumers are demanding more from their food. We’ll consider the rise of the conscious consumer and the new companies addressing their needs.

Food for life
Science is expanding our understanding of the nutrition requirements of consumers at different life stages. Advances in genetics suggest we can address the nutrition needs of unique individuals, depending on their health status and genetic make-up. We’ll look at the companies that are finding commercial success targeting infants, adults or the elderly and consider the industry’s gradual move from dealing with consumers as ‘groups’ to meeting their needs as individuals.

Thinking global
Around the world innovators are looking for new food sources. From previously unheard of or undervalued ingredients to new ‘superfoods’, we’ll look at where the search is taking us and consider the challenge of introducing new ideas to established markets.

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Food Vision