Willem Sodderland

Founder and Seaweirdo, Seamore

Willem Sodderland is a career entrepreneur and innovator. After an incubator, a chain of juice bars and a word of mouth marketing agency Buzzer, he launched his latest revolution with Seamore with a mission to make seaweed an everyday food. Willem holds a Master of Laws and is involved in various activities to stimulate entrepreneurship. His favourite dish is risotto with octopus and a topping of seaweed bacon.

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Some see seaweed, we Seamore: The future of seaweed as an everyday food

In 2014 Willem Sodderland ate seaweed on holiday and mistook it for pasta. An idea was born that has become Seamore, a company that’s wild harvesting spaghetti-like seaweed on the coasts of Ireland and Britany and selling it across Europe, Australia and – soon – Japan.  He’s overcoming the western world’s scepticism about sea vegetables by creating products (the latest is a seaweed alternative to bacon) that look, taste and behave like traditional food favourites but are sustainable, nutritious and carry no baggage.  Willem will explain why he sees Seamore, not as a niche food start up, but the forerunner in a whole new food category that has the potential to become a sustainable source of protein, carbohydrate, minerals and vitamins.

  • Sea no evil – 10,000 varieties of seaweed and their potential to feed the world
  • Agri-lo-tech – why seaweed is the perfect example of an innovative step that’s easy to take and a counter to the investment world’s obsession with technology
  • From wild harvest to global cultivation – the scaling challenge that’s next on Seamore’s agenda
  • Creative collaboration – how Seamore became part of Rabobank’s ‘banking for food’ initiative and what this means for collaboration between big players and start-ups
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